I was cleaning my closet and I realized how many clothes I had and I never wear most of them so I decided to give them to people who’ll love them more than I do.

Design For Linkin Park

Originally posted on Mike Shinoda's Blog:

We’re looking for artists, illustrators, painters, and designers. Send us your artwork inspired by the music and/or lyrics from our song “CASTLE OF GLASS.” The winner chosen by us will get a cash prize of $1000, and we’ll also print our favorite design on a t-shirt and sell it on tour and in our official merchandise store, plus send you a signed copy of the t-shirt you designed. The winner of the popular vote will get $500 and signed 1-off print of their design.

Go HERE for details. Can’t wait to see the submissions.

Orijinali görüntüle

Originally posted on Mike Shinoda's Blog:

There was so much good music this year! Lots of exciting stuff from indie and major label artists, from “throwback-analogue-made-new” songs to “how-the-hell-did-they-make-that-sound?!?” songs. There were a bunch of great tracks that came directly from artists, and weren’t available in the major music libraries (special mention to A$AP Rocky’s “1 Train”).

Most of the songs on this year’s list come from albums that are also great, so if you like a song and haven’t heard the whole album, I recommend checking it out.

If you want to check me out on Spotify and follow my playlists throughout the year, I’m at m_shinoda. Also, shout out to the fans on Spotify who sent me Top 40 tracks, with messages like “Mike, have you heard this? You should check it out!” Way to keep me in the loop, guys.

Anyway, here at the 12 best songs of the year:


Orijinali görüntüle 34 kelime daha

Linkin Park – Lost In The Echo Instrumental ( w/ lyrics )

Linkin Park – Lost In The Echo Instrumental ( w/ lyrics )

I love singing! I think that I’ll sing until I die. When I sing my favourite song, no matter what’s going on in my life, I always feel good. I feel like I belong somewhere.

I decided to make karaoke videos such as lyric videos and instrumental songs in order to help people sing. I’ll always encourage people to sing and write songs. Because only music can keep us strong, kind and genuine in this cruel world.

Hope you like it. Go to my youtube channel for more.